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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Many people find themselves in a position where they are unable to cope with an aspect of their lives or feel a general sense of unhappiness which affects their quality of life. This could be when faced with a major life change or crisis, such as illness, divorce, redundancy or the loss of a loved one. There could also be a general sense of unease, unhappiness, anxiety or mental health issues without any obvious cause.


Counselling enables you to discuss problems or difficult feelings, supporting you to explore your thoughts and feelings in more depth than you might usually.  Counselling provides an environment in which you can begin to explore what is troubling you without the fear of judgement and without the intrusion of someone else’s opinions and needs.

Some areas I can help with:


Adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse


Bereavement and Loss


Domestic Violence


Relationship Difficulties


Sexual Violence, Abuse and Rape


I also work with LINK Adoption Services (Barnardo’s) providing therapeutic support and counselling for individuals and couples whose life may have been affected by adoption.

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